Meet Dr. Frank

It has truly been a pleasure to be an orthodontist for the past 33 years. 

With an unwavering commitment to providing my patients with the most advanced treatment options, combined with traditional hands-on care, I always ensure the unique needs of each patient are met. My meticulous attention to detail, decades of experience, and my passion for serving everyone fully allows patients to achieve the beautiful and healthy smile they have always wanted.


The holistic approach that I have brought to the practice addresses the whole person including their mind, body, and spirit. The primary goal of this well-rounded approach is to help patients achieve balance in all aspects of their being through lifestyle enhancements, including dietary modifications, meditation/mindfulness, and stress management. Working towards a balanced life alleviates not only the symptoms of the illness, but the cause of the condition.

I have offered meditation, dietary changes, and stress management as adjunctive therapy since the early days of my career and my recent degree from the Institute of Culinary Education's Health Supportive Culinary Arts program is further testament to my commitment to this approach.




My passion for service was sparked in my early childhood. When I became a doctor, this naturally transferred to dental and medical care to those in need, and I firmly believe that such care is a basic human right.

I participate in programs that bring advanced medical, dental, and orthodontic concepts to developing countries and have sat on the American Dental Association steering committee for International Development.

In addition, I am a cofounder and Executive Director of, a multifaceted community development project that transforms communities suffering from inhumane poverty into places of opportunity and hope.

May your smile lighten up the day of others, and may we together motivate for positive social change in the world.

With gratitude for the opportunity to serve,

Frank C Andolino D.D.S.