SPEED System™

Energize Your Smile!

Having a beautiful, straight smile is a great asset, but most people don't want to spend more time in braces than they have to. Now, with the self-ligating technology of SPEED Braces, you can get the smile you've always wanted with faster treatment times, increased aesthetics, and amazing comfort. SPEED Braces eliminate the need for elastic ties used with traditional braces by using an energy-storing component called a Spring Clip™. The Spring Clip, made of a super-elastic space age material, follows the programmed instructions of your orthodontist by applying a light, continuous force to gently move your teeth to the correct position. The result is greater comfort, potentially fewer appointments and more "SPEEDy" treatment.

Why Choose SPEED?


SPEED Braces are miniaturized appliances that are typically 1/3 smaller than standard braces which can minimize discomfort and irritation to lips, cheeks and gums. Also, by eliminating the need for elastic ties, SPEED Braces decrease the friction and pressure applied to the tooth, allowing the teeth to move more freely.


Because SPEED Braces are 1/3 smaller than traditional metal and clear braces, you'll feel more confident smiling while your teeth are being straightened.

Speed Braces


SPEED Braces with their streamlined design and small size greatly reduce the chance for food to get trapped in the brackets. It's also easy to brush and floss with SPEED Braces, so you don't have to sacrifice your good oral hygiene habits.

Advanced Technology

SPEED System Orthodontics has been the leader in high tech braces for over 30 years. All SPEED products are manufactured by a leading North American Aerospace company involved in the development of the highest precision components for "next generation" commercial and military aircraft. The same expertise that goes into making the world's most advanced aircrafts goes into making SPEED Braces.